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Shirley Parenteau – Northern California/USA

18. November 2015

Foto-Shirley-Parenteau-US-web“Hi Christa,

Thank you so much for writing! I’m delighted to know you have recommended Bears on Chairs („Das ist nicht fair!“, sagt Großer Bär) on your web portal.  I’ve just visited and really like the bright, colorful site. It has such a welcoming feeling! And I love seeing my bears in German. When Candlewick sent copies of the books to me, I thought what a terrific idea to use quotes from Big Brown Bear for the titles to each book. I was going with the rhyme for a title, but the quotes really draw in a reader. I wonder if the books rhyme in German or if, as in some translations, they simply tell the story.

I will definitely publish your recommendation with your cheerful logo on my web site …

With warmest wishes,

Shirley Parenteau/USA


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