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  • Shirley Parenteau – Northern California/USA

    18. November 2015

    “Hi Christa, Thank you so much for writing! I’m delighted to know you have recommended Bears on Chairs („Das ist nicht fair!“, sagt Großer Bär) on your web portal.  I’ve just visited and really like the bright, colorful site. It has such a welcoming feeling! And I love seeing my bears in German. When Candlewick sent […]

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  • Sharon Rentta – Cambridge/United Kingdom

    4. November 2015

    Hi Christa, Thank you very much for your email and for your kind wishes. I feel very fortunate to be doing a job that I really love. I am very pleased that you like my latest book Kai und Hanna am Flughafen/A Day at the Animal Airport and am grateful for your recommendation on Kids […]

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  • Jacques Maes & Lise Braekers – Belgium

    21. October 2015

    Hello Christa, Thank you for your lovely message! Wonderful to discover your children’s book website and portal, such a great initiative. Also super to see the „Brüllala“ book featured on the website. Such things are always a great boost to keep being motivated and continue creating. Hope you have a wonderful day over there! Kind […]

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  • Erna Sassen – Netherlands

    14. September 2015

    Dear Mrs Robbers, Thank you for your kind words and your recommendation for „Das hier ist kein Tagebuch!“ I hope that my book can be helpful for people who are depressed themselves or have relatives that suffer from depression. And I also hope it will comfort those who lost the people they love. I think your […]

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