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How can Zou wake up Mum and Dad? By means of a good idea!

When Mum and Dad are awake, Zou is allowed to slip into their bed. Unfortunately, they are still sleeping, but Zou knows how to wake them Zou1up. They need coffee, lots of coffee! In no time he has turned on the coffee maker, which has already been prepared. He fills up the mugs with coffee and he puts sugar, cornflakes and jam into two bowls.

However, Zou steps on his lorry with the jam-packed tray. Bang! Everything falls to the ground. Zou quickly tidies up the mess, but only a little bit of coffee is left! What now? Fortunately, the doll’s china set in the cupboard comes to his mind. And, surprise, surprise, the cups are exactly fitting and there is even a little bit of coffee left for the tiny coffee pot. Hurry up! Zou approaches Mum and Dad. Will they be delighted?


This book is suitable for children between 2 and 6 years of age.

Michel Gay is the popular illustrator of more than 60 books for children, published in Europe, many of which he wrote himself. He lives in France.

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