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Worth a Thousand Words

A photo says more than a thousand words!

Ever since a car accident left Tillie Green with lasting painful injuries, she’s hidden behind her camera. She watches her family and classmates through the lens, tracking down misplaced items and spotting the small details that tell a much bigger story than people usually see. But she isn’t prepared for class clown Jake Hausmann’s request: to find his father.

In a matter of days, Tillie goes from silent observer to one half of a detective duo, searching for clues to the mystery of Jake’s dad’s disappearance. When the truth isn`’t what Jake wants it to be, and the photographs start exposing people’s secrets, Tillie has to decide what— and who—is truly important to her.


This book is suitable for readers over 12 years old.

Whether it’s earrings, homework, or love notes, Tillie “Lost and Found” Green and her camera can find any lost thing—until a search for a missing person forces her to step out from behind the lens.

Brigit Young was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan and has since set down roots in the lovely land of Brooklyn. She has published poetry and short fiction in dozens of literary journals, taught creative writing through Writopia Lab in settings ranging from the hospital to daycare classes. Brigit lives in NYC with her husband and daughter. Worth a Thousand Words is her debut book.

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