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Wings of Fire - The Lost Heir, Book 2

Will the five dragonets survive the fight against the queens of the dragons? Maybe by a ruse!

The dragonets of destiny Clay, Tsunami, Glory, Sunny and Starflight have managed to escape death narrowly when fleeing from Sky Kingdom, but where shall they flee now? Tsunami is eager to see SeaWing Kingdom and to find out whether her mother is its queen indeed. When she arrives there, Tsunami has to state that she belongs to the royal house but she isn’t familiar with the customs of the SeaWings.

Horrifyingly, Queen Blister, a SandWing, wields more power than the five dragonets can prefer. Is Queen Blister possibly involved in the killing of the dragonets in the royal breeding cave? And why does she try to set Queen Carol against Tsunami and her four friends? When Webs, the dragonets‘ teacher, is taken prisoner and is about to be punished by death, they have to find a solution. But is it really the right decision?


This book is suitable for readers between 8 and 12 years of age.

Tui T. Sutherland is a Venezuelan-American children’s book author who is a member of the famous team of authors under the leadership of Erin Hunter (Warrior Cats und Seekers) and writes also children`s books with her sister Kari Sutherland (Magic Park).

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