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Wings of Fire - The Hidden Kingdom - Book 3

Who keeps kidnapping the RainWings? The five dragonets must find this out by all means!

During their flight the dragonets of destiny have been pushed deeper and deeper into the mysterious forest of the RainWings. This dragon people is not interested in the merciless fight of the three queens, Blaze, Burn and Blister, who want to ascend the throne and hold absolute power over all dragons. Only a few of them are worried about some RainWings‘ disappearance without trace and a monster, that allegedly lives in a cave in the forest.

The RainWings‘ queen, Magnificent, stands on the sidelines but Glory and her friends absolutely want to find out why and for what purpose the peaceful dragons are being kidnapped. During a bold rescue operation Glory, Clay, Sunny, Tsunami and Starflight directly fall into Queen Blaze’s claws. Although Glory can return unharmed to RainWing Kingdom, Queen Magnificent is not willing to free the captured dragons. Glory has no alternative but to challenge the present queen. Being queen herself, she can help her friends!


This book is suitable for readers between 8 and 12 years of age.

Tui T. Sutherland is a Venezuelan-American children’s book author who is a member of the famous team of authors under the leadership of Erin Hunter (Warrior Cats und Seekers) and writes also children`s books with her sister Kari Sutherland (Magic Park).

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