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Welcome to Oddleigh

Join Jessie and Sid on their adventures in Odlleigh - it`s no ordinary town ...

Chief Inspector Jessie and Sergeant Sid are tasked with policing the town of Oddleigh. Oddleigh is no ordinary place; strange things and bizarre behaviour are the order of the day.

But Jessie’s sworn to uphold the law of the town, and she’s going to do it – no matter how weirdly its citizens are behaving


This book is suitable for children over 7 years old.

Tor Freeman is an author, illustrator and comic artist. Over the last 19 years, she has illustrated picture books and chapter books, written her own stories and been published in the UK and worldwide. She is a regular contributor to magazines including Tralalire, Pomme d’Api and the weekly story comic, The Phoenix. In 2012 she was awarded a Sendak Fellowship, and together with two other illustrators spent a month in Connecticut. In November 2017 she was the winner of the Observer/Cape/Comica graphic short story prize.

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