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Water Born

How can you stop a murderer who died long ago?

When Nic sees the dummy in the water of the swimming pool, she has to think of the girl who drowned in a reservoir this week. While swimming another race against Christie, she suddenly hears a voice spurring her on. Confused and frightened she blunders her swimming training. But even more frightening is her dad’s behaviour whose fear of water and swimming gets more and more odd and threatening.

When Nic discovers a list of all drowned 16-year old teenagers on her father’s laptop, she first believes in a paronoia of his. But when a tragedy happens on the occasion of a local swimming contest, Nic is informed about her dad’s brother who died 17 years ago while their parents were present. The terrible series of accidents cannot be a coincidence. Her deceased uncle wants to take revenge. How is she to stop him?


This book is suitable for young adults over 14 years old.

Rachel Ward, author of the Numbers series, grew up in Bookham, Surrey. After studying Geography at Durham University, she worked for a number of local authorities whilst raising a family. She began writing in her thirties, starting out with short stories, one of which formed the basis of the idea for the successfull Numbers trilogy and The Drowning.

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