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Vincent Van Gogh Genius

"I am Vincent van Gogh, and I want to tell you about my short but colorful life ..."

Some people call me a troubled genius. Many consider me one of the greatest Dutch painters of all time. But though my work is very famous and popular today, I was not well known during my lifetime. I am Vincent van Gogh, and I want to tell you about my short but colorful life …”.

A new series of illustrated books specifically designed for children in elementary education, narrating the stories of those great historical figures who have left their mark on humanity in fields such as science, art, exploration, music and other subjects. Young readers will be able to read all about these famous people’s main achievements, experiencing the main steps of their lives through Isabel Munoz’s engaging illustrations, and finding out some curious facts about their work and success.


This book is suitable for children over 6 years old.

Vincent Van Gogh Genius is part of the new series specifically designed for children in elementary education. Children will be fascinated by the genial and revolutionary intuition of Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci’s vast breadth of expertise, the incredible discoveries about space made by Galileo Galilei, Mozart’s infinite musical creativity, the masterpieces created by Picasso and Van Gogh. There is an index at the end of each volume listing the main biographical events and some simple quizzes will help children to further understand and test their knowledge

Isabel Muñoz is a Spanish photographer who lives in Madrid. She grew up in the Catalonia region of Spain with a Valencian family and some ancestors of remote origin. When she was 20 years old, she moved to Madrid and started studying photography in 1979 at Photocentro.

Jane Kent is an experienced children’s writer. She has worked on everything from early-learning board books and educational biographies of great historical figures to story and activity titles for brands such as Disney/Pixar, Marvel and Nickelodeon.

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