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Usborne Baby Book's - Who's wearing a hat?

Who is smiling at you?

Who’s wearing a hat? Is it the orange cat? Lots to look at and talk about in this colorful new title from Usborne.

Babies will marvel at the colorful pictures and fun rhyming questions and will share a delightful moment or two with their parents with this enjoyable new series.


This book is suitable for children between 1 and 3 years of age.

This adorable book for babies and toddlers is full of fun rhyming questions to answer and charming illustrations. Little ones will love looking at the pictures and discovering which animal is wearing a hat, which dog is chasing a ball and much more. A lovely book to enjoy together.

Sam Taplin has been in love with words for as long as he can remember. He started writing poetry at primary school, where Mrs Holloway warned him never to put a word in a poem just because it rhymed – advice he still tries to follow when wrestling with a new poem. After studying English literature at university he was full of long words and complicated sentences, but writing books for children has helped him to realise that you don’t need lots of words to say something properly – just the right ones. He’s written everything from a handbook for medieval knights to an encyclopedia of dinosaurs. He also works on poetry books, choosing poems for Usborne’s anthologies, which is so much fun that it feels strange getting paid to do it.

Stephen Barker is the illustrator of the charming and innovative Cuddle Books series. He studied Fine Art at university and since then has worked as an illustrator and painter of murals.

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