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Try Not to Breathe

How can Ryan and Nicky find a way back into life? Perhaps together!

After his attempted suicide Ryan doesn’t let anyone get to him. Each touch or gesture of friendship unsettles him. His favourite place is a waterfall, where he goes to almost every day as the mass of water prevents him from pondering. If his parents knew about this haven, they would forbid him to go there again. After his attempted suicide they keep their eyes glued to him almost all the time.

At school he is regarded as a freak. But hasn’t he been seen like this all along? Suddenly, he is approached by his classmate Nicky, who has an unusual favour to ask him. She wants Ryan to help her looking for a suitable psychic to seek contact to her dead father. Ryan cannot distract Nicky from her idea. And it doesn’t take a long time until he realises that it is not only him who needs help to find a way back into life.


This book is suitable for young adults over 14 years old.

Jennifer R. Hubbard grew up in New England and came to Philadelphia at the age of seventeen. Jennifer has been writing since the age of six, when she used to write and illustrate her own picture books. She is the author of three novels for young adults, several short stories, and a nonfiction book about writing. She lives near Philadelphia with her family.

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