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True (. . . Sort Of)

Can Delly gain Ferris’s trust? By means of patience, ideas and some help!

Delly has a special way of speaking, lots of ideas and tends to fight when words seem not enough. The only one who still loves her devotedly is her little brother RB. When there is a new classmate, Ferris, who must not be spoken to or touched, it is Delly of all people who slowly gains her trust.

RB also likes Ferris and the three kids love to retreat into Ferris’s hideout in a tree house. Delly is pretty sure that her friend needs all the help she can get. And after a fateful day Delly shows Ferris and all the people who know her, how good she really is and what true friendship can achieve.


This book is suitable for readers aged 8 and 12.

Katherine Hannigan is the author of the New York Times bestseller, Ida B…And Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster and (Possibly) Save the World, and True (…Sort Of), which was a California Young Reader Award nominee. She has also written and illustrated Emmaline and the Bunny (a Kirkus Reviews Best Book of the Year) and Gwendolyn Grace (an Atlanta Parent Best Book of 2015). She has undergraduate degrees in education and mathematics, and painting; her graduate degree is in studio art. She has worked as an assistant professor of art and design at Iowa State University, and as the education coordinator for a Head Start program in New York. Katherine grew up in western New York, and lives in Iowa.

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