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Trouble is a Friend of Mine (01)

Has Digby got a plan? More than one, that’s for sure!

When Zoe meets Digby she has no idea that hanging out with him is not without risk. But after she has been shot and arrested for a short period, she realizes that she must be ready for anything as far as Digby is concerned. Digby spares no effort to resolve the case about his little sister’s kidnapping eight years ago. So he makes use of Marina Jane Miller’s sudden disappearance to come up with something about a strange sect, which is seemingly not as harmless as it looks on the surface.

Maybe, that way, he will be able to detect some clues regarding his sister’s fate. For sect member Ezekiel is involved into more than Marina Jane Miller’s disappearance. Together with Digby’s friend Henry, Zoe and Digby try to find out more – a fatal plan as it turns out.


This book is suitable for readers over 12 years old.

This novel’s likeable characters set out on a quest to finally solve a mystery at a breathtaking pace. We can look forward to the sequel of this great book with good reason.

Stephanie Tromly was born in Manila, grew up in Hong Kong and now lives with her husband and son in Winnipeg. She is working on her PhD in English Literature.

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