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Tooth Monsters

Why is brushing your teeth so important?

I hated brushing my teeth!” That’s what a little girl says, and she refuses to do it. And she won’t go to the dentist, either, because dentists are monsters! But one day a real monster turns up in her bathroom.

Instead of being scary, though, he helps her understand that dentists are really superheroes and brushing your teeth is important – so important that even he and the other monsters do it! With humor, imagination, and charming illustrations, this quirky picture book introduces kids to good dental hygiene.


This book is suitable for children between 3 and 6 years of age.

A little girl thinks brushing her teeth is SO boring . . . until she meets a monster who changes her mind. This funny, simple story teaches kids an important lesson in the most delightful way.

Jessica Martinello graduated from the Visual Arts School in Venice and the Nemo NT Digital Arts academy in Florence.

Grégoire Mabire trained as an illustrator at the St Luc Institute in Brussels and is now a full-time illustrator of comics and books for children.

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