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Too Many Mittens / A Good Place to Hide / The Little Mermaid Who Could Not Sing

Who has hung a clothesline with lost mittens?

A wintertime tale of lost and found, Too Many Mittens finds the twins Ned and Donny in Grandma’s care while Mother and Father are off on a trip. Word gets around when Donny loses a mitten, and soon everyone— teacher, postman, milkman, grocer—is finding lost mittens and delivering them to the twins’ house, until Grandma has a great idea.

In A Good Place to Hide, Susan wants to get away from her persistent brothers, who are determined to show her the spider they’ve trapped in a jar. But everywhere she goes, from the tool shed to Rover’s doghouse, someone finds her— until she finds a secret place where she finally can be alone.

Everyone knows that mermaids have long golden hair and sweet singing voices— except when they don’t! In The Little Mermaid Who Could Not Sing, red-haired Cynthia can swim and ride seahorses but she cannot sing a note. Cynthia’s terribly discouraged until she discovers that she has a hidden talent of her very own.


This book is suitable for children between 3 and 6 years of age.

From Caldecott Medal-winning artist and storyteller Louis Slobodkin and his wife, poet and author Florence Slobodkin, comes this beautifully illustrated single-volume edition of three classic children’s tales.

At the age of 15, Louis Slobodkin (1903 – 1975) entered the Beaux Arts Institute of Design, where he studied drawing, composition, and sculpture. In the course of his six-year studies, he won more than 20 medals and was awarded the Louis Tiffany Fellowship. Slobodkin illustrated nearly 90 books, 50 of which he wrote, and in 1944 he received the Caldecott Medal for his illustrations for James Thurber’s Many Moons.

Poet and author of children’s books Florence Slobodkin (1905 – 1994) collaborated with her husband on five books, including the classic Too Many Mittens.

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