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Tom's Midnight Garden

How long can a friendship remain constant? In Tom and Hatty’s dreams forever!

Precisely now during vacation time Tom’s brother has come down with measles. To keep Tom away from his ill brother, he has to move in with Aunt Gwen and Uncle Alan. But as they have no children he quickly feels cooped up. He can’t sleep at night and lies awake for hours. One day, however, at midnight the old grandfather clock strikes 13 and Tom sneaks downstairs.

When he opens the back door, he can hardly trust his eyes. Instead of a boring back yard with garbage cans and an old car he sees a huge, wonderful garden. Soon Tom realizes that this garden does not exist for the other people in the house. But he is not alone in this dream world. Together with the girl Hatty he embarks on a travel through time where they have to survive several adventures.


This book is suitable for readers aged 9 and 12.

Philippa Pearce spent her childhood in Cambridgeshire and was the youngest of four children of a flour-miller. The village, the river, and the countryside in which she lived appear more or less plainly in Minnow on the Say and Tom’s Midnight Garden. She later went on to study English and History at Cambridge University. She worked for the BBC as a scriptwriter and producer, and then in publishing as an editor. She wrote many books including the Modern Classic, Tom’s Midnight Garden, for which she won the Carnegie Medal. She was also awarded an OBE for services to Children’s Literature. Sadly, Philippa died in 2006, at the age of 86.

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