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Toby and the Ice Giants

Toby wants to get to know more about the ice giants! Will that turn out well?

Toby_and_the_Ice_Giants1Already on his first trip Toby, a young bison, cannons into a wooly rhinoceros. When he meets the megatherium, he admires its enormous claws. The wooly mammoths are amazed that Toby has ventured out all alone. Running past a slow glyptodon, he is very proud of his speed. Luckily, Toby can run so fast as he is followed by a smilodon.

In the very nick of time he can get into safety behind a short-faced bear. It is a good thing that the teratorn bird does not feed on little bisons! But he has to be wary of the early men! For today Toby has experienced enough adventures and he is happy to be with his herd again.


This book is suitable for children between 3 and 7 years of age.

Joe Lillington was born in London and studied illustration at Falmouth University. He was recently commissioned to illustrate the cover of Stew Magazine, illustrated a short story in AMBIT magazine, and has exhibited at Light Grey Art Lab shows and the Just Us collective Show.

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