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The Year of the Rat

Pearl’s world is perfect unless it suddenly shatters. And then …

Pearl feels that nobody mourns her mother as she does. Why was her mom to die so suddenly and why was her newborn sister Rose to survive? Why did Dad want to have a second child by all means? More and more Pearl succumbs to her sorrow and she starts to converse with her late mother. But these talks only lead to a bitter and egoistic behavior towards her father, her sister and all other people around her. Then the day comes when her sister, the rat as Pearl calls her secretly, is taken home from hospital. And when her granny moves in some weeks later to care for her sister,

Pearl can’t help feeling that everything only revolves around Rose. After a quarrel with Granny and Dad, Pearl hastily leaves home and travels to her natural father. However, meeting him for the first time is completely different to the dreams she has made up about him and this encounter. What is more, the picture of her mom she has had so far starts to fall apart. And when Pearl learns more and more about her mom, she is ready for starting over.


This book is suitable for readers aged 11 and 17.

Clare Furniss is a writer living in the UK. She studied at Cambridge University and is completing an MA in writing for young people. She is the author of The Year of the Rat and How Not to Disappear.

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