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The Wind in the Willows

How are Mole, Badger and Rat to help their friend Toad? By means of a good idea!

When Mole gets to know Water Rat and the river, he is delighted. As he is also very keen on meeting Rat’s other friends, they start by visiting Toad, who lives in a grand old mansion. Unfortunately, Toad has the fatal habit of picking up and then dismissing new hobbies every few days.

Toad wants Rat and Mole to accompany him on a road trip in a gypsy caravan. But soon enough he has a new goal. He wants to drive an automobile! Even Badger, who can sometimes influence Toad, does not succeed in making Toad abandon his plan. Sneaking off secretely, Toad drives away in a stolen automobile. But he gets caught and the odds are against him. How is he ever to come home again?


This classical reading book is suitable for readers aged 6 and 9.

Kenneth Grahame was a Scottish writer best-known for his celebrated children`s novel, The Wind in the Willows. Prevented from attending university because of financial constraints, Grahame instead took a job with the Bank of England, which provided the financial security required to indulge his passion for writing. Many of Grahame`s short stories were printed in the periodicals of the time, and were also later collected in Pagan Papers, The Golden Age, and Dream Days. Grahame`s most famous work, the novel The Wind in the Willows, was originally conceived as a bedtime story for his son, and continues to be a beloved classic for children of all ages. Kenneth Grahame died in 1932 at the age of 73.

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