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The Wall: A Timeless Tale

Wonderful things can be accomplished when people come together!

In this moving story, a king banishes anyone who looks different than him and builds a wall to keep them away. Soon, he sees that without people with various types of talents and expertise, his kingdom can no longer flourish. Realizing his mistake, he orders the wall to be knocked down so he can meet and thank all the talented people that make the community beautiful.

With simple yet profound illustrations, pop-up and disappearing wall elements, and an important lesson about diversity that`s relevant to the world today, children will see how a society can be harmed when barriers are built and thrive when people work together.


This book is suitable for readers between 7 and 9 years of age.

It takes people with all kinds of talents to make a community flourish! In this moving story, a king gains a new appreciation for the people of his kingdom after realizing he’s made a mistake building a wall. With simple yet profound illustrations and dimensional elements, children will learn how a community can be harmed when barriers are built and thrive when people come together.

Giancarlo Macri is a journalist, writer, actor, and musician, born in Mileto, Italy. He formed the Banda Osiris an Italian music and theater ensemble. He is the author of several children’s books.

Carolina Zanotti is an Italian journalist specializing in music and theatre. Passionate about the visual arts, she has participated in several national and international exhibitions. She collaborates on the entertainment section of magazines, and with art galleries. She has written several successful books and theatre shows for children.

Elisa Vallarino and Mauro Sacco have been studying and teaching calligraphy for many years. They also teach illustration at IED Turin.

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