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The Usborne Book of the Moon

How many days will it take to reach the Moon from Earth in a rocket?

Welcome to the story of our Moon – a story of Moon dust and Moon rabbits, cheese and astronauts, deep thoughts and bold plans.

Read, dream and wonder as you discover ancient legends about the Moon’s creation, meet the very first astronomers and learn about the Space Race.


This book is suitable for children over 4 years old.

For thousands of years, the Moon has been the one thing in the night sky that everyone anywhere on our planet recognises. Trace the story of the Moon around the world and through history, from ancient legends about its creation, to its first sighting through a telescope, right up until the Apollo 11 mission and the first Moon landing in 1969.

Laura Cowan studied literature at Cambridge and more literature at Trinity College Dublin. This means she’s read a lot of books, which helps when writing them. Before joining Usborne, she taught English in Barcelona for four years, as well as in Dublin and Cambridge.

Diana Toledano is a lover of children’s books, a maker of illustrations and a wearer of glasses. She also is a Pisces with curly hair, and she speaks English with an accent. Diana grew up in Spain, where she studied Art History and Illustration. Now she lives in San Francisco (California) with her husband and two fluffy cats. Her children’s books have been published internationally. Diana works full time writing and illustrating from her studio in a centenary house. She also teaches workshops for kids and adults.

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