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The Story of Science

How Eratosthenes measured the Earth?

A narrative introduction to the brilliant brains and eureka moments behind the greatest scientific discoveries in history.

Full of fascinating scientific facts about black holes, microscopic creatures, the truth about heat and light, what plants eat, DNA, diseases, dinosaurs, atoms, asteroids, X-rays and more!


This book is suitable for readers between 8 and 10 years of age.

The Story of Science introduces some of the major scientific discoveries throughout history, including the age of the Earth, gravity, atoms, and dinosaur fossils.

Anna Claybourne is the author of numerous books on the natural world for younger readers, including the Usborne Internet-Linked. She started her career at Usborne Publishing in 1993 as a trainee staff writer, and became a self-employed freelance writer and editor three years later.

Adam Larkum is an International Illustrator & Animator who develop new character’s animations with dip pens & brushes.

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