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The Old Lion and the Little Rabbit

Why did the old lion change his mind?

The old lion lives alone, far away from the herd. His nose tells him prey is nearby. To his surprise, he finds a tiny baby rabbit has fallen asleep in his golden mane. Since it is too small to fill his belly, he decides to let it grow into a meal. As the time passes, he finds grasses to fatten up his meal, but he also shares his stories with the little creature.

Rabbit grows, but Lion has become attached. Even Hyena cannot persuade him to make a meal of his companion, and he sacrifices a tasty meal to let rabbit run free.


This book is suitable for children between 3 and 6 years of age.

Here is a quietly joyful picture book, illustrated with luminous art by Keiko Kaichi, an award-winning artist and illustrator. This endearing story about loneliness and friendship will resonate with young and old alike.

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