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The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher

Who is afraid of the Fletcher Boys? Nobody…!

Once again an exciting school year is lying ahead for Sam, Jax and Eli, and also Frog is about to start school. Frog can hardly wait to get to know his new class mates. Eli is looking forward to starting a new school for smart students and Jax hopes to belong to the cool students like Sam, the oldest Fletcher Boy. Frog has quickly made a friend. But everybody doubts whether Ladybug Li does truly exist. After all, Frog has always been inclined to create imaginary friends.

During the normal chaotic routine Eli is able to conceal for some time that he feels rather unhappy at his new school. Jax has trouble to advance his project to interview Mr. Nelson, his unfriendly neighbor. And Sam has fallen for the school theater, but he scarcely has the courage to tell his family and friends that he is as passionate about it as playing soccer. But at the end of this turbulent year, all six Fletchers know what a fantastic family they are – not despite the changes they have gone through but because of the way they have tackled them.


This book is suitable for readers over 9 years old.

This story easily presents topics like adoption or same-sex love. The family set up arouses interest and, thus, maybe contributes to more tolerance towards people who love and live differently from the way many kids are used to. What is more, an import target in this family – just as in any other family – is working together on solving problems and misunderstandings and the way this is done is highly entertaining.

Dana Alison Levy pursued English Literature and Marketing in school, and has worked for a variety of business and nonprofit organizations. Several years ago she began to write full time, working for corporate and academic clients as well as writing fiction. Dana lives in Massachusetts with her family. THE MISADVENTURES OF THE FAMILY FLETCHER is her first novel, and has received several starred reviews, been placed on a number of “Best Of” lists, and is on five state reading lists.  The great companion novel, THE FAMILY FLETCHER TAKES ROCK ISLAND, came out in May 2016.

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