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The Jolley-Rogers and the Ghostly Galleon

How can you get rid of terribly ghostly pirates? By ruse, courage and good friends!

The_Jolley-Rogers_and_the_Ghostly_Galleon1In Dull-on-Sea, Matilda’s hometown, the museum has been robbed. Was it done by pirates? Matilda sends a bottle message to the Jolley-Rogers, the craziest pirate family in the world. Grandad Rogers already has an idea who is behind the forays: It is Captain Twirlybeard and his ghostly pirates!

Together with her best friend young pirate Jim Lad, Matilda forges out a plan. And while the inhabitants of Dull-on-Sea are busy hiding everything under lock and key, Matilda and the Jolley-Rogers set out to send Captain Twirlybeard and his ghostly pirates to the sea bed for ever.


This book is suitable for readers between 6 and 9 years of age.

Jonny Duddle spent his childhood in the wet and windy hills of North Wales and went later to college to study Illustration. Whilst working as a freelance games artist, Jonny wrote a picture book about a sea monster called ‘The Pirate Cruncher’ and did all the pictures too, which was published by Templar in 2009. A second picture book ‘The Pirates Next Door’ followed (which won the 2012 Waterstones Children’s Book Prize), and then Jonny went a bit sci-fi with ‘The King of Space’ picture book. His latest book is all about dinosaurs and is called ‘Gigantosaurus!’. He also illustrated the latest Harry Potter book covers in 2014.

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