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The Honest Truth

Can you run away from death or life? Not always!

Mark is gravely ill and he only has one aim. He wants to climb Mount Rainier even if it is the last thing he ever does. Together with his dog Beau, a camera, a notebook, some money and a plan, Mark sneaks off. His best friend Jessie is the only one who knows where he is and what he is about to do. She is the only one he hides no secrets from and who will not tell anyone about his plan.

But on his trip Mark accounts obstacles he has not taken into consideration before. Despite his cleverly worked out plan and the false trails he has laid, his trip to Mount Rainier gets more and more difficult. Against expectations he meets people who help him along his way. But then Beau gets into danger on their way to the summit and Mark has to take a decision!


This book is suitable for readers between 9 and 11 years of age.

The Honest Truth is a rare and extraordinary novel about big questions, small moments, and the incredible journey of the human spirit.

Dan Gemeinhart is a teacher-librarian and father of three daughters. He lives with his family in Cashmere, Washington. The Honest Truth is his first book.

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