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The Hog, the Shrew and the Hullabaloo

Who has woken up Harry?

Harry the Hog peacefully sleeps in his bed. But suddenly there is a terrible bang outside! He immediately sends for his friend, Candy Stripe Lil. Looking out of the window, they spot a badger. But it is unlikely that the badger has caused the horrible noise. When they get into Harry’s The_Hog,the_Shrew_and_the_Hullabaloo2bedroom, Harry hears a dreadful cry and he quickly hides under his bed. Only Lil curiously peeps through a hole in the window frame and discovers an owl. But Harry has not been disturbed by the owl’s tu-whit tu-whoo, the sound has been much wilder!

When they finally lie in bed, Harry hears a ribbit. Quickly, they rush to the front door and peek through the letter slot. But they can only see a frog down by the pond. Harry is annoyed and rather tired. Finally, Harry and Lil lie in bed again and suddenly they hear a crunch, a screech and a ribbit. Who might make this fierceful sound?


This book is suitable for children between 5 and 7 years of age.

Julia Copus was born in London and now lives in Somerset. Her two previous collections, The Shuttered Eye and In Defence of Adultery, were both Poetry Book Society Recommendations. She has won First Prize in the National Poetry Competition and the Forward Prize for Best Single Poem (2010). She also writes for radio; her first play, Eenie Meenie Macka Racka, was awarded the BBC’s Alfred Bradley prize. She is a Lector for the Royal Literary Fund, and in 2008 was made an Honorary Fellow at the University of Exeter.

Eunyoung Seo has worked as a graphic designer for eight years in Korea before coming over to Edinburgh to study illustration for changing her career. She studied MA Illustration at The University of Edinburgh, where she graduates first in her class in 2012 and won Andrew Grant Bequest Award from Edinburgh College of Art.

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