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The Great Cheese Robbery

What is Daddy Elephant afraid of? Of little mice!

Daddy Elephant isn’t scared of anything, each attempt by Little Patrick to frighten Daddy Elephant goes wrong. Little Patrick is scared of many things, so Daddy Elephant is the greatest and strongest for him! However, one day Cornelius J. Parker arrives at the door to check on their fridge and its contents. Daddy Elephant is terribly scared of mice! And as he hides away now, Cornelius and his friends have an easy job with it.

The mice do not only take away the fridge but also the TV set, the telephone, the fish, the biscuits, the lamps and even Little Patrick’s toys! Finally, they also lift the sofa onto which poor Daddy Elephant has fled. At the top of his voice Little Patrick cries “Stop“, but, unfortunately, he is still a small elephant. At the last moment his mother comes in at the door and then the mice experience a surprise as big as an elephant!


This book is suitable for children between 4 and 7 years of age.

Tim Warnes is an illustrator and author of children’s books. Jane Chapman and Tim Warnes have been creating children’s picture books for more than 20 years! Jane also works under the pseudonym of Jack Tickle.


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