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The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit needs a change of scene! So a new adventure comes in handy!

the_further_tale_of_peter_rabbit2Peter Rabbit is in a bad mood. The summer is wet, his jacket is torn and his shoes are pinching. It is high time he had a change of scenery! When Peter sneaks into Mr. McGregor’s garden, he discovers a picnic basket and a wonderful smell wafting from it. If only Peter had not eaten the sandwiches from the basket and taken a nap in it!

He sets off on an unplanned journey. Before Mr. McGregor is able to track him down, he flees into the arms of Finlay McBurney, a giant black rabbit. You should figure it out yourselves what Peter experiences in the Scottish Highlands on top of this and how he gets a larger-than-life rabbit there!


This book is suitable for children between 3 and 7 years of age.

A smart and likeable rabbit like Peter willingly hurls himself into adventures and children take delight in this. How nice that the authoress and the illustrator were able to capture the spirit of the old story and the paintings of one of Beatrix Potter’s most famous characters. So we can look forward to Peter’s coming adventures.

Emma Thompson, Oscar-winning actress and screen writer, is a long time admirer of Beatrix Potter’s tales. She has a talent for creating engaging narratives with a dry humour similar to Potter’s own and is the perfect choice of author for this new Peter Rabbit tale, to be published 110 years after the original.

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