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The Day No One Was Angry

What does anger look like? Well, it’s different for everybody!

The_Day_No_One_Was_Angry1Why doesn’t the squirrel get angry? How do the hippo and the rhino avoid getting angry? In twelve beautifully illustrated animal stories you are told about the different faces of anger. The hippo and the rhino quarrel about who should be the first to clear the way. But instead of getting angry, lots of nice things come to their minds which they can do together.

The squirrel and the ant split up because the ant is wild about the squirrel. But suddenly the animals’ anger is fumed away. And the squirrel still does not have an idea how to fall into a rage.


This book is suitable for readers over 9 years old.

Toon Tellegen was born in Brielle, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. He studied medicine at the University of Utrecht, and worked as a general practitioner in Amsterdam. After writing for many years mainly for adults, the Toon Tellegen switched to children’s stories. In these stories, the ant and the squirrel often play the lead role, and many of his stories touch on philosophical concepts.

Marc Boutavant is the award-winning author and illustrator of the bestselling Around the World with Mouk. His cartoons for children (ages 7-12) and picture books for younger readers (ages 4-6) have made him a widely sought after illustrator.

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