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The Curious World of Calpurnia Tate

Will Callie Vee ever be able to get to know more than the prairie? Who knows!

Callie Vee, the only girl among five brothers, doesn’t have an easy life. How fortunate that her grandfather is there. Like her, he loves nature very much. He has also taught her to use scientific instruments. This is much more interesting than knitting stockings or playing the piano as her mother would prefer. Only Travis, her youngest brother, is also interested in wildlife, especially in animals in need of help. But, unfortunately, he does not always have a lucky hand when choosing the strays.

He cannot be knocked off course, no matter if the ‘foundlings’ want it or not. Unfortunately, their tranquil life is changed by a terrible tragedy. After their cousin has moved in with them after a natural disaster at the coast, a vet from the coastal village arrives at Callie’s small town. This is the right opportunity to show everybody that she is the perfect assistant for the new vet.


This book is suitable for readers aged 10 and 14.

Jacqueline Kelly won the Newbery Honor for her first book, The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate. She was born in New Zealand and raised in Canada, in the dense rainforests of Vancouver Island. Her family then moved to El Paso, Texas, and Kelly attended college in El Paso, then went on to medical school in Galveston. After practicing medicine for many years, she went to law school at the University of Texas, and after several years of law practice, realized she wanted to write fiction. Her first story was published in the Mississippi Review in 2001. She now makes her home with her husband and various cats and dogs in Austin and Fentress, Texas.

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