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The Borrowers

How can a hand-sized borrower survive? By not being seen!

As long as Arrietty can rembember she and her parents Pod and Homily have been living underneath the kitchen floor of an old English manor in the country. They furnished their flat with all the things Pod borrowed on his trips, which sometimes were quite dangerous. Arrietty has been totally bored, especially since she learned about the other Borrower families who had lived in their house before. She would really love to meet Uncle Hendreary who had to move into a badger set with his family.

But since he was seen for the last time, nobody has heard of him and his family again. When Arrietty sets off on her first trip into the garden, sie makes friends with a human boy. After he has presented Arrietty and her wary parents with furniture from a doll house, it is especially Homily who is delighted. But, unfortunately, Mrs. Driver, the housekeeper, has become suspicious and Arrietty, Pod and Homily are suddenly in great danger.


This book is suitable for readers between 12 and 16 years of age.

MARY NORTON was born in London in 1903, and brought up in Bedfordshire, which was the setting for THE BORROWERS. In 1941 she was given a war job in America, and worked for two years for the British Purchasing Commission in New York. It was during this time that she began to write. After the war, she moved back to England with her family and continued writing and acting. Mary Norton died in 1992.

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