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The Big Wish

How can Sam get rid of 999,835 wishes? Maybe by another wish!

When Sam’s first day at school is over, he only has one wish: This terrible day mustn’t be repeated! The dreaded Scorpus at his new school has a down on Sam and his friend Evan. His father, maybe, will lose his job and his mother is out of work. And since she was left by her boyfriend, his sister has been in a bad mood.

While taking a walk Sam sees a shooting star and wishes on it for a million wishes. And on the very next day his wishes come true! Unfortunately, some of Sam’s wishes cause veritable catastrophies and Sam must constantly guard his thoughts, so that they are not mistaken for wishes and come true. A solution is desperately sought for!


This book is suitable for readers over 9 years old.

Brandon Robshaw studied English literature at Wadham College, Oxford University. He did a PGCE at Swansea, has been a schoolteacher and a university lecturer, and currently lectures in Children’s Literature for the Open University and in Writing for Children at Westminster University. He has written several books for children, including some under the name of Adam Blade for the Beast Quest and Sea Quest series. Brandon has an MA in Philosophy and is doing a part-time PhD with the Open University. He lives in Walthamstow, East London.

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