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The Bad Luck Lighthouse (Seth Seppi Mystery 02)

Can Seth and his cat, Nightshade, unmask a sinister sorcerer … before it’s too late?

In solving the mystery of the Last Chance Hotel, Seth has discovered a bewildering new world of magic. Swept up in the new MagiCon case investigating ghostly goings-on at the remote Snakesmouth Lighthouse, he is determined to prove himself. But when eccentric owner Mina Mintencress is murdered, Seth realizes danger lurks around every corner.

With the help of his cat, Nightshade, Seth must put his new-found magic to the test. Can they unmask a sinister sorcerer … before it’s too late?


This book is suitable for readers between 12 and 16 years of age.

The thrilling sequel to The Last Chance Hotel, a magical murder mystery for young readers Readers will love guessing whodunnit with the novel’s fantastic ensemble cast, grounded by the brilliantly relatable Seth and his magical cat, Nightshade The Seth Seppi Mysteries continue in book 3, The Cut-Throat Café Nightshade the cat becomes the star of her very own adventure in the first book Nicki Thornton’s new series, The Howling Hag Mystery!

Nicki Thornton has run an independent bookshop in Abingdon, England with her husband for more than ten years. Her debut novel, The Last Chance Hotel, won the Times. /Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition 2016.

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