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The Apple Tart of Hope

Can a true friendship be ruined? Never…!

Meg’s best friend Oscar is said to have drowned. But his younger brother Stevie doesn’t believe in this. Every day he leaves short notes at the place where Oscar’s bike was found in the water. Oscar was very popular and in each emergency situation he would offer a piece of his wonderful apple tart. Everybody was consoled simply because of its smell. Since Meg’s stay in New Zealand, things have changed though.

Why was Oscar suddenly bullied and what has Paloma do with it? Paloma is the new classmate whose family rented the house during Meg’s absence. And what about the letter to Oscar she hid under the mattress before leaving? It was found by Paloma and handed to Oscar! Meg suddenly becomes aware that Oscar and she were betrayed. But can she turn back time, and might Oscar be still alive? Only a miracle can help!


This book is suitable for readers between 12 and 15 years of age.

Sarah Moore Fitzgerald was born in New York but grew up in Co. Dublin. She is a professor and associate vice president at the University of Limerick in Ireland, specialising in psychology and effective pedagogy in higher education, and has published several non-fiction books on teaching, learning and academic writing. She runs regular writers’ retreats for academics and students in Ireland and internationally where she lives with her Family.

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