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Sometimes it is the will that is crucial in love!

Ryan grows up with his stepbrother Nathan, who bullies him constantly. Ryan records his most secret thoughts on a tape talking about his fears, his dreams and the girl he loves. When he finally gets to know Eve, both realize that something unique and wonderful is about to happen. Unfortunately, Eve has to move away with her recently-divorced mother. How can Ryan transmit all his thoughts and feelings to her?

Maybe by recording a tape for Eve! But he has got only the tape left he keeps his diary on! Ironically, it is Nathan who advises him to overwrite it and give it to Eve. Twenty years later Ameliah finds a tape when delving among the personal belongings of her late parents. Yet soon she has an idea that she is closely connected to the unknown boy she can hear on it and, thus, she reveals a family secret.


This book is suitable for readers between 12 and 17 years of age.

Steven Camden
is an english leading spoken-word poet, performing as Polarbear.  TAPE is his first novel.


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