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What is technology and how does it work? Find out for yourselves!

What is the working mode of a smartphone or a 3D printer? How is drinking water produced, how is your favorite pizza made and how does the pizza delivery service work? Everyday things like the light switch, the hairdryer, the telephone, the post service or the weather forecast are taken for granted. But what is behind these everyday things? A lot of clever ideas and all sorts of brilliant technology! This book allows a view into the interior of a smartphone, a micro wave or rockets, while also explaining physical and mechanical connections, for example the working mode of an electronic motor or a door bell.

Large-size and detailed illustrations as well as numerous step-by-step explications explain by short and coherent information how the technology of various gadgets and areas works. In the list of contents you will find, among other things, topics like electricity, solar plants, food processor, fridge, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, sewing machine, waste recycling, drinking water purification, toilet flushing, wastewater, natural gas, toaster, smoke detector, television, satellite, car, aircraft and diving boat.


This book is suitable for readers over 7 years old.

In order to get kids interested in technology, you will possibly need a book which explains the working mode of many known daily things in an exciting, but also short and informative way. Kids are able to get to know various gadgets, their structure and way of working from scratch and in small steps. And when it is possibly this way, to arouse their interest in technology as well, this remarkable book has provided more than entertainment and Information.

Rob Beattie is a writer, fisherman and craftsman with a lifelong love of camping and hiking. His books include The Pocket Book of Survival, 101 Golden Rules of Fishing and 101 Things to Make and Do on the Weekend.

John Farndon is an internationally known author, as well as a playwright, composer and songwriter. He has written hundreds of books, which have sold millions of copies around the world in most major languages and include many best-sellers, such as the award-winning Do Not Open.

Steve Fricker is a renowned illustrator and painter. Awarded the Rhone-Poulenc prize for his illustrations for What Happens When? His work has appeared in many of the worlds leading newspapers and magazines as well as private and National collections. Steve studied painting at Chelsea School of Art and on graduating found his work becoming increasingly in demand and regular commissions followed. He worked for 25 years as a political cartoonist and illustrated comment pages by Tony Blair, John Major and Boris Johnson and many others.His conceptual interpretation to editorial briefs is reflected in his narrative paintings.

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