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Straight Outta Crongton

Round these ends, it's hard to hold on to your dreams ...

Life’s a constant hustle for Mo. Her mum’s boyfriend Lloyd is just another man who likes to beat down women. The South Crong streets are fraught with hazards and nasty G’s. And when it comes to matters of the heart Mo is still hung up on Sam. No wonder she’s vexed so much of the time.

Thank god her sistrens, Elaine and Naomi, are on her side: if one of them falls then they all fall. But when badness goes down and a life is left hanging in the balance, Mo has to face her hot urge for revenge and she might end up losing more than she wins.


This book is suitable for young adults over 14 years old.

From the acclaimed author of Liccle Bit and Crongton Knights, comes another story from the fictional South Crong council estate.

Alex Wheatle was born in 1963 to Jamaican parents living in London. He spent most of his childhood in a children’s home, which he left at 14 to live in a hostel in Brixton. At 18, he was involved in the Brixton uprising and went to prison for 3 months. On his release, he continued to perform as a DJ and MC under the name Yardman Irie, moving in the early ’90s on to the performance poetry circuit as The Brixton Bard. His novel, East of Acre Lane, won the London New Writers Award (2000) and his novel Crongton Knights the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize (2016). His latest novel Straight Outta Crongton is part of the same series of hard-hitting novels set on the fictional estate of South Crong.

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