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Story of Life: Evolution

How can the tree of life look like? Look for yourselves!

Story_of_Life_Evolution1How did evolution start on our planet? In which age did T. rex live? You can find the answers to these questions and many more exciting information in this very special book. If you unfold this book to its total length of 2 metres, you will see the illustrated history of all life on our planet, the tree of life. As the images are not true to scale, you can precisely observe even the smallest microbes.



Story_of_Life_Evolution2You will get to know various living beings from each era indicated on the upper book page. On the  inside cover you can see how evolution would look like based on the example of a single day. This marvellously illustrated factual art and picture book to open up, unfold, browse and put up is ideal not only for you but for all age groups to embark on a miraculous travel through time. Have fun!




This book is suitable for readers over 7 years old.

Katie Scott studied illustration at Brighton before moving to London. Her clients include Feuilleton, The New York Times and Nobrow and her album cover for Bombay Cycle Club was nominated for ‘Best Album Artwork’ at the NME Awards, 2012.

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