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Snow Bunny's Christmas Gift

Friendship is the biggest gift of all, even on Christmas!

snow_bunnys_christmas_gift1On the day before Christmas, Snow Bunny meets her friends to go sledge riding down the hill. If only the wind would not be so icy! Mouse feels terribly cold and heads home. Snow Bunny, Fox and Bear slide on the ice in circles and in wavy lines until the sun is blocked by winter clouds. So freezing fox trots home, too. When Snow Bunny and Bear want to collect pinecones it starts snowing. Bear is chilled to the bones and begins to tremble with cold. He, too, doesn’t want to play anymore and he goes home.

snow_bunnys_christmas_gift2When sad Snow Bunny finds a shining silver coin in the snow, she buys a big ball of red wool in Mr. Badger’s shop. On Christmas Day Mouse is given a warm hat, Fox is given a soft scarf and Bear gets a warm vest. But the friends don’t have any present for Snow Bunny! It doesn’t matter, Snow Bunny values their friendship as her biggest gift.





This book is suitable for children between 3 and 6 years of age.

Timothy Knapman writes plays, musicals, songs and children’s books.  He does lots of school visits and bookshop readings.

Rebecca Harry lives in Cardiff, South Wales with her two lovely children. When she used to draw as a child, she never knew she’d be lucky enough to do it as a job when she grew up. She studied graphic design and illustration in Exeter, and her first creations after university were greetings cards for her own business plus a large card company in Bristol. Rebecca works in a little studio above her friend’s busy jewellery shop and, from here, she has illustrated many picture books for children including the much-loved Ruby the duckling series, and numerous baby books.

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