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Snow Bear

Where does little Snow Bear find a home? Maybe at a very unexpected place!

Little Snow Bear wanders all alone through the forest searching for a real home. Outside it is freezing cold. Finally, he discovers a hollow. It Snow_Bear1may be a bit dark, but it is quite large and dry. It is exactly fitting for a little bear chilled to the bones. But the hollow is already inhabitated by foxes and there is no room left for little Snow Bear. Even the owl expels him from its nesting hole.

But suddenly the little bear spots a warm light through the thick flurry of snow. Gathering up all his courage, he opens the door of the small house and he discovers a cosy armchair and a snug open fire. It is exactly how he has imagined his home should be! And when he discovers a little girl who invites him to come in, something happens little Snow Bear and the little girl have always dreamed of.


This book is suitable for children aged 3 and 6.

Tony Mitton was born in North Africa and has also lived in Germany and Hong Kong. Now settled in Cambridge, England, Tony has written a number of picture books, including the Amazing Machines series (Kingfisher). This is Tony’s first book with Bloomsbury.

Alison Brown studied Fine Art at Liverpool and then became a graphic designer. She has been illustrating for the past three years. Alison was brought up in Bangor, Northern Ireland but she now lives in Leeds.

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