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Sky Thieves

Will Zoya find the strength to unlock the key to her destiny?

Zoya DeLarose has no idea her life is about to change forever when a band of sky thieves ‘steal’ her away from her orphanage, landing up in the clouds, on board The Dragonfly’s deck. There, Zoya discovers a world of meteorite storms, sword fights, midnight raids, floating islands, and long lost treasure.

But with a deadly enemy closing in, will Zoya find the strength to face her fears and unlock the key to her destiny, or will she fall from the skies with no one left to break her fall?


This book is suitable for readers between 9 and 11 years of age.

Love Pirates of the Caribbean? Then prepared to be swept away by this new swashbuckling adventure series. Talented debut author, Dan Walker, creates an imaginative world where thieves sail the skies in flying galleons-an action-packed adventure of epic scale.

Dan Walker is the author of children’s fantasy adventure series, Sky Thieves. Published by Oxford University Press, his swashbuckling debut novels “Sky Thieves” (shortlisted for 2018 Brilliant Book Award) and “Desert Thieves” came out in 2017.

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