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Shrinking Violet

How can Violet ride the rollercoaster when she is suddenly as tiny as a fishfinger?

At last the time has come! Violet is finally tall enough to ride Plunger, the scariest rollercoaster around. But at the entrance something completely unexpected happens. Violet rapidly shrinks. Not only is her height tiny, also her voice is inaudible. Mum, Dad and Tiffany look like giants and the earthworm next to Violet looks like a monster python! However, due to the shock or the fit of laughter, Violet suddenly starts growing again and gets stuck in the waste basket.

Nobody believes her story except her grandmother. When Violet visits her at the retirement home she is told that Gran used to be a shrinker herself! When a diamond ring is found on Gran and she is considered a thief, Violet shrinks again to the size of a fish finger because of her excitement. That way she can definitely track down the thief. But what to do next?


This book is suitable for readers between 7 and 9 years of age.

Lou Kuenzler is the author of the popular book series Shrinking Violet. The children`s writer experienced her childhood in the country where she liked to hide in the dry hay barn and make up stories. Now she lives in London with her family. She likes to make up stories – especially funny ones that make children laugh.

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