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Shrinking Violet Definitely Needs a Dog

How can Violet train a dog when she is as small as a dog biscuit?

Violet’s biggest dream is to have a dog of her own. Unfortunately, Mum and her annoying sister, Tiffany, are not convinced that Violet is able to take full responsibility for a dog. As Violet and her best friend Nisha volunteer at the pet shelter, Violet shrinks to the size of a dog biscuit out of excitement. When the first shock is over, Nisha wants to learn everything about Violet’s sudden shrinking.

When the two friends get to know their dream dog shortly afterwards, Violet is convinced: It’s got to be this dog. Maybe she can win the dog race with him although being shrunk and, thus, convince her parents that she definitely needs a dog. But, unfortunately, everything turns out in another way than planned by Violet!


This book is suitable for readers between 7 and 9 years of age.

Lou Kuenzler is the author of the popular book series Shrinking Violet. The children`s writer experienced her childhood in the country where she liked to hide in the dry hay barn and make up stories. Now she lives in London with her family. She likes to make up stories – especially funny ones that make children laugh.

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