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Shrinking Violet Absolutely Loves Ancient Egypt

Violet must find Ozzy again! But how, when she is as tiny as a cat‘s ear?

Violet travels to Eqypt as her grandmother has won a cruise down the River Nile. But she must be careful not to shrink to the size of a cat’s ear as is often the case. They are accompanied by Violet’s sister Tiffany and Anthony, their unknown cousin from Australia. On board the beautiful „Cleopatra“ they get to know the other passengers.

Most of all Violet likes pretty Ozzy, the ship’s cat. Only Anthony thinks the cat is somehow uncanny, but why? Then Violet finds out that Anthony is a shrinker, too, but, unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to enjoy it like she does. When Ozzy vanishes one day without a trace, Violet wants to find out more about his disappearance. Now a second shrinker would be advantageous.


This book is suitable for readers between 7 and 9 years of age.

Lou Kuenzler is the author of the popular book series Shrinking Violet. The children`s writer experienced her childhood in the country where she liked to hide in the dry hay barn and make up stories. Now she lives in London with her family. She likes to make up stories – especially funny ones that make children laugh.

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