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Shiverton Hall

How can the horror of Shiverton Hall be stopped? With the help from friends!

When Arthur gets a scholarship for the boarding school of Shiverton Hall, this place turns out to be a very spooky mansion. So Arthur is delighted that he is allowed to move in at Garnons, a very snug house. His new friends George, Penny and Jake make it easy for him to settle down. But on the very first day there is a riot, when a classmate, who has escaped from psychiatric hospital, frightens all by shouts of warnings concerning some eerie friends.

George’s grandad has collected stories about horrifying events at Shiverton Hall, each story is worse  than the one before. Arthur cannot remember an imaginary friend from his childhood days. But when suddenly terrible events start to occur more frequently and put his friends at risk, Arthur starts to believe the stories. It is too late when Arthur realizes that he has overlooked something important from his past and so he finds himself in mortal peril.


This book is suitable for readers between 8 and 12 years of age.

Emerald Fennell is a writer and actress. Shiverton Hall is her first novel. She lives in London with a very quiet ghost. Shiverton Hall, published by Bloomsbury in January 2013, is a deliciously creepy tale that will have readers needing to keep the light on at night.

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