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Shackleton's Journey

What was special about Ernest Shackleton’s Antartic expetition? Look for yourselves!

Ernest Shackleton and his crew were the first people to take the risk of crossing Antartica on foot. This impressive and wonderfully illustrated book is based on Ernest Shackleton’s exciting diary entries. His ship, Endurance, which had been especially constructed for this voyage set sail after a huge amount of equipment was placed on board.

On the spreads you will find information about the construction of the Endurance, which material was used, which equipment was boarded and what jobs the crew had. Moreover, you can follow the travel route and the events during this stunning expedition by pictures, maps and explicit information on the pages.


This book is suitable for readers between 7 and 9 years of age.

William Grill is a London based illustrator whose main interest lies in narrative illustration and publishing. He draws most of his inspiration from the natural world, and enjoys working in coloured pencils and relief printmaking. As well as running a weekly art club at Hanover Primary School, William has given workshops at The Design Museum, Southbank Centre, schools and universities.

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