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Say What You Will

Can you survive life? Maybe with the help from friends!

Amy finally wants to make friends in her senior year at Coral Hills High School. But this goal is much harder to achieve than imagined. Despite her voice box it is difficult for Amy to talk to the other teenagers. Moreover, hanging out in the cafeteria is not as exciting and cool as Amy has thought before. Amy hires student aides, but they are only interested in gaining extra pocket money and earning social points.

Matthew is the only one who manages to approach Amy and to talk to her without inhibitions. But after the prom night at the high school something happens which has a strong impact on Amy and Matthew’s lives. Matthew avoids contact with Amy, but when Amy starts attending college, she is suddenly faced with new problems she can’t solve alone. She needs Matthew’s help!


This book is suitable for young adults over 14 years old.

Cammie McGovern is the author of the much-acclaimed YA novel Say What You Will and the YA novel A Step Toward Falling, featuring characters with disabilities, too. Just My Luck, for middle-grade readers, came out in February 2016.

She has also written three adult novels, The Art of Seeing, Eye Contact, and Neighborhood Watch and is one of the proud founder of Whole Children/Milestones, a resource center for children and young adults with disabilities and their families. She lives in Amherst, MA, with her husband and three sons, the oldest of whom is autistic.

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