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Queen Sardine

How can Queen Sardine can get rid of a monster? Maybe with her friends‘ assistance and a very good idea!

Ivy has been longing for a pet for ages and cats belong to her favourite animals. When, suddenly, a talking cat wants to live at Ivy’s, for a start her dream seems to come true. But Queen Sardine is in dire need of Ivy’s help. Since a monster moved in with the neighbours, Queen Sardine hasn’t felt at ease and urgently looks for a new home. However, hiding Queen Sardine in Ivy’s room goes seriously wrong and she has to go back.

But Queen Sardine already has a new plan! The monster has to be fought tooth and nail and chased away. And as the other cats from the neighbourhood want to assist Ivy and her Queen Sardine in fighting, nothing seems to bar the chasing of the monster – or does it?


This book is suitable for readers between 5 and 7 years of age.

Kate Willis-Crowley is a children’s book illustrator living on the Kent coast. She is a graduate of the Royal College of Art in London and of the University of Reading. Much of Kate’s inspiration comes from having worked with children, mixed with her own memories of childhood; she now has her very own toddler to spark her imagination. Queen Sardine is her debut children’s fiction book. She has previously illustrated a picture book for Chicken House (Mummy’s Little Monster) and two for Hodder (Jack and Jill and Mary Had a Little Lamb).

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