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Queen Sardine in Kitten Chaos

Why keeps Molly upsetting all the cats in Kipper Street? Queen Sardine must get at the truth!

What on earth is wrong with Big Molly? She eats from the bowls of her feline friends in Kipper Street and occupies their favourite places. Queen Sardine looks into the matter. Her findings make Ivy shout for joy: Big Molly is having kittens! But when the time has come, one of the kittens disappears in the deep of the night.

Now, of all times, when curious badgers paint the neighbourhood red. Ivy and Queen Sardine instantly embark on searching for the kitten encounting something unexpected …


This book is suitable for readers between 5 and 7 years of age.

Kate Willis-Crowley is a children’s book illustrator living on the Kent coast. She is a graduate of the Royal College of Art in London and of the University of Reading. Much of Kate’s inspiration comes from having worked with children, mixed with her own memories of childhood; she now has her very own toddler to spark her imagination. Queen Sardine is her debut children’s fiction book. She has previously illustrated a picture book for Chicken House (Mummy’s Little Monster) and two for Hodder (Jack and Jill and Mary Had a Little Lamb).

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